The partners

The partners

Sándor Tóth

engineer-economist, founder, CEO

Originally a structural designer, he has played various roles in industrial and infrastructural construction projects with contractor, investor and financial stakeholders.

A fan of process automation at small and medium enterprises, he is experienced in the development of cost cutting processes, mainly with the help of mechanical and IT engineering,  including both technological and business sides. 

Spent many years in the development, licensing and distribution of innovative products, he believes in the productive value of human capacity and organization.

Enjoys complex challenges, where legal, technical, financial and logistics requirements meet, like in strategic planning and project management.

Expert in grant issues on applicant, grant distributor and audit side as well.

Carries international projects, active in technical and commercial matters. Sets up and leads teams dedicated to a project.

 Mónika Iványi

interior designer and graphic artist

Advises about the usability of a building before purchase. Analyzes functional requirements and available layout of the space, finds optimal reaarrangement.

Provides for integrated, harmonic and stylish company appearance covering visual tools from furniture to media. Designs client facing areas, offices, apartments, hotels, restaurants, congress halls, exhibitions and special installations incl. unique, dedicated furniture.

Awarded as Interior Designer of The Year for the in style reconstruction of a downtown café-restaurant in Budapest. 

Awarded in the Nature in the garden 2021 competition for her naturalistic recreational garden.